Happy New Year to everyone in the world.

It’s been a great year, and it’s been a hard year. No matter what your last year was, you have a chance to change it. Forgive the people that you have had quarrels with; it will only make your mind at ease. If things aren’t going your way, sit back and notice that you might be in a loop. Take the time to set long term goals, but remember your short term goals are the wonderful journey; set them, and stick to them.

Surround yourself with others that have the same interests…

Wishing someone a happy birthday is a common thing in society, and it usually gets drowned out by people saying it with sincerity like a “Have a nice day” comment. I want to make this clear; I wish a happy birthday to you Tiffany, not because it’s a statement that is cordial and expected, but in the way that expresses how much you deserve to be happy and the world is a more significant place because you were born.

If you are reading this and have not had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Gambino, I would like to enlighten you…

Not very many people know this about me, even some of my close friends. I thought this the best day to speak on it.
Today is a day to honor mothers, and I am doing that in a plural sense. I was adopted at 6 days old. My biological parents were young, and at that time, society didn’t accept or support childbirth. There were also more profound complications that lead to my adoption. My father was a 15-year-old Italian, and my mother was a 14-year-old Italian-African-American. My biological mother died giving birth.

I was adopted by an English family that…


Life is full of challenges. All throughout your life you have them, whether it’s a new job or the loss of a pet. When you’re a little kid, you wake up and you don’t think about those challenges. You don’t think about how you are going to cry if your dog dies, you think about what you are doing at that moment in playing, learning, etc. Having fun is your main priority.
When you grow older, those challenges and responsibilities weight more on your thoughts and suddenly fun and enjoyment is not a priority. You can’t stop the challenges that…


I love when someone disrupts the streets in a positive way!

I came around the corner and there was a man creating huge bubbles with a DIY bubble machine. He had a bucket and was confidently wielding two mop handles connected by a thick string.

It was a great experience to see him do his thing on the street. You could say it was a social experiment. Some people were in awe watching the large bubbles make their way through the crowd, others gave rude looks as they passed by. The best was when people would engage with the bubbles and you could see the kids just come out of them! I love bubbles and I think it’s amazing when one simple thing like a bubble can still make people smile.

#streetphotography #photography #art#LUVELLI


Jon Luvelli is an Italian-American street photographer best known for his black-and-white images depicting idiosyncrasies of people in rural areas. #LUVELLI

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